Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day Four: Mark, Vicki, and Jack's House

Since we finished Brian's house yesterday, today we went to a new site.  We met Mark, Vicki and Jack, who had bought a mining cottage for $15,000 last year and needed substantial improvements to make it inhabitable. Mark used to work at Sears full time but because of difficult times in West Virginia has been reduced to two days a week.  Vicki was able to secure a job at a local hospital, but it's not enough to keep them afloat.  Last year a Methodist Church came in and built them a front porch and fixed the leaking roof.  The tasks we tackled today were replacing the entire ceiling (much of which had rotted), tear up three layers of linoleum tile and replace it with new plywood flooring (to ready for the next team to lay tile), and Sean and Elliott were our master plumbers, taking major guts to crawl under the house and replace the plumbing line that connected the sink and the washing machine to the main sewer line.  

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