Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Devotion #2 and #3
 Zeal and Trust

Night two our devotion focused on zeal.  We talked about Holy Week and what lessons we could learn from Jesus . . . that even though he knew his path was unimaginably difficult, he followed through.  While a mission trip is not quite Holy Week, in a way it has its similarities.  For man of our young men, this type of sustained effort . . . 6 am wake up calls followed by 10 hours of on-your-feet work is a new challenge.  We talked about how to stay motivated and how zeal can be what carries us through difficult times.

Night three we were back to active devotions, and senior leader Nick Leuba led his devotion based on the charism of his choice: trust.  There was a lot of yelling, but nobody was dropped and the impossible trust web was defeated.  I love this one purely for the faces and sounds the boys make in their attempts to pass from one side to the other.

Devotion #3

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