Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I'm working with the patient ones, the ones who get to stay inside and stay nice and warm, plus listen to music and watch a little Reba or NBC news on TV :). Everyone says, " you guys don't do much work" but we really do alot, painting is tough. On the first day, I thought we would be hammering in 4x4's or building porches, something the outside team did, but I was all for staying inside in the warmth and doing something I basically grew up doing. I was basically the head man of the whole paint crew, but my buds Anthony and Seth really were right with me too, so we were all equal. The man we are working for, Brian, is a really nice guy, he even offered to help sometimes! I can see him as he's watching us paint that he really likes the jobs we're doing for him. I like my job and my two friends are just as great! We have a little help in the group, from Mrs. Sling and three friends, who are painting Brian's bedroom, while we take the kitchen.
- Nick M 

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